Sunday, January 15, 2012


I got Elbert a Weber charcoal grill for Christmas. It's pretty awesome.

Early Birthday Present

Elbert got this picture for me for my birthday. It is of the Los Angeles Temple where we were sealed last May. It says "Hughes Family sealed 2011". I love it so much. It fit perfect right above our TV. Thanks honey. You're the best!

The Zoo with the Caudillo's

 We met our swimming friends at the zoo. The girls had fun checking out the gorillas.

Having a snack.  Thanks Yvette for the invite.

Disneyland with the Beesley's

Our friends the Beesley's moved to London last summer. We miss them so much. They were at Disneyland over Christmas break and we decided to go meet up with them at Disneyland. 
 Kaitlyn and Cami. 
 The girls
Kaitlyn and Daddy. We had so much fun.

Time with Cousins

 Kaitlyn got to spend lots of time with her cousins Josh and Jasmine. She loved it!
 They had a sleepover with us too. Kaitlyn's first one. She had so much fun.
She also got to see her other cousins Carter and Austin for a night. They had lots of fun.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tonsils and Adenoids

 Kaitlyn had her tonsils and adenoids out Dec. 13. She loved the happy medicine.
 There are the tonsils.
 So happy!
Sleeping on the way home. Loved her chipmunk animals Daddy bought.

Christmas 2011

 Loving her new pj's.
 So exited on Christmas morning!

 Santa with the cousins. This one she said "Mom, why does his face look like Dave?" It was Dave, she's just too smart. We told her maybe Santa was Dave's cousin. She sort of bought it.
 The Air Force Santa...She said "mom, why does he have air force boots on?"
Waiting for Santa on the couch.